On our blog today, I’d like to share some reasons for why you would want to work with HomeSeekers. First, we are a small company similar to a boutique that can give you highly personalized service. We’re also selective about who we work with, and we limit the number of properties to make sure everyone gets excellent service.

Selective About Properties and Tenants

We are very selective about which owners and properties we work with. We won’t agree to work with everybody, and troubled properties are not our specialty. We have the same approach with tenants and applicants. We choose to be very picky. Just because an owner wants someone in the house right away doesn’t mean we will accept questionable tenants. There are high standards in place and they must be met.

Manageable Work Load

At Home Seekers, we don’t handle a lot of properties. I am semi-retired and I love property management because it’s all I’ve ever done. Even more than managing properties, we love to take care of short term vacation rentals. We’ve had the opportunity to meet neat people, and I can travel a lot through the exchanges we do.

It’s important to really think about whether you would be better off dealing with a company that has 500 or 600 properties. Why Choose Home Seekers to Manage Your Tampa Vacation Rental PropertyWe see management companies like this and we watch the inventories online to see what they’re renting for. If a company has 50 or 60 vacancies, that’s a good indicator of how much attention your property will get from that property manager. Right now, we have no vacancies. That says a lot about the time and attention we give to our properties.

When you work with us, you’ll get 100 percent of my attention. That goes for the managing, advertising, showing and selecting the very best tenant. Consider this before you hire us or anyone else.

If you have any questions about the services we provide and the work we do, please contact us at HomeSeekers.

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